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Come and join me in my Creativity Zone where you can enjoy fun and challenging card design ideas that will inspire you to learn new techniques to maximize the use of your craft tools, most especially the Silhouette Cameo machine along with the Silhouette Studio Designer software, and truly enjoy your crafting to the fullest.

All my files are shared for free, ONLY with my blog followers. The files are in Silhouette Studio format. They are for PERSONAL use only and must not be redistributed. You can share by directing people to the link of the project/post on my blog. Thank you for your compliance.

Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Armoire Card

I finally finished my armoire card. I finished the templates for this card a while back but I experienced what I call a 'creativity block' and struggled putting the finishing touches. Like I mentioned previously, I got the idea for this card from my antique armoire in my living living room where I keep my entertainment center.

I created the templates for the base of the card and its layers. The corner borders (2 different designs on the card) were traced from a free clip art website with no restrictions on sharing. The flourishes on the sentiment inside the card are designs from Silhouette. I created the flourish on top of the armoire using a corner border which I duplicated and welded together then added another portion of the corner border and welded it on both sides of the created flourish. The finished flourish is nothing like the original corner border. I enjoyed making this flourish. The letters on the door of the armoire were made from multiple cuts glued together to create the 'faux chipboard' look.The sentiment hanging on the door handle is my creation and the layered tag design is from Silhouette. I put a fine yellow ribbon to cover the holes of the 'stitches' that I created on the doors. Don't you just love the door handles? They are so cute! They are actually brads that I found at a notions store here. I wanted to keep the back of the doors clean so I bent the prongs and applied the glue on the bent prongs.

This time, I'd like to share the free files exclusively to my followers only. Sorry folks, this may just be the way to increase my followers. :). To my dear followers, send in your request now via your comments. For those who have not signed up yet, now is the time. (^_~). Thanks for stopping by.

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Old Cards And Other Creative Stuff

I'm taking a break from kiddie cards and I'm currently working on a new card design replicating an armoire (cabinet). I have an antique armoire in my living room which I use for an entertainment center. The piece inspired me to create a card design using the concept. You'll love the beautiful templates that I've created for the armoire card. I'll be posting it once it's done.

Meanwhile, here are some cards and other creative stuff that I've been meaning to post.Thank you for stopping by to take a look.

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Spin Card-Another Fun Card

I made this card for my brother’s grandson, Dj, who will be celebrating his 1st birthday on May 24. Need I mention that he loves Sponge Bob? This card is actually a spin from the Swing card – but that’s not the reason why I call it the spin card (^_~). Unlike the swing card which simply flips back and forth, the spin card spins all the way around.  I used the same template for the swing card and I just cut the frame all the way through to make way for hanging the base holding Sponge Bob in order for it to spin all the way around. I used a clear nylon thread to hang the base holding Sponge Bob which is also holding Dj’s very cute photo on the other side. The nylon thread is neatly glued with a double sided tape in between the layers of the base holding Sponge Bob, attached to the base of the card, both top and bottom. I had so much fun using Margaret Wilburn’s ‘springy-thingy’ on Benjamin’s swing card and I can’t resist using it again on Dj’s card. I can hardly wait to hear his giggles once he sees Sponge Bob rocking and jiggling.
To add more fun on the card, just before putting the card in an envelope, turn the base holding Sponge Bob spinning it around in one direction several times, hold it down with Sponge Bob face side up and carefully put the card inside the envelope and seal. When the recipient opens the card, Sponge Bob will be automatically spinning around.

Here is a video tutorial where I got the idea of the spin card. The creator, ‘TheCoutureCrafter’ calls it the interactive spinner card :

There is another card that’s also called a spinning or spinner card which is actually a slider card. It is very different from Dj’s spin card.

If you would like to have the '1 year', 'yeheeey', 'happy birthday' and the files from the swing card like the 'adorable' and 1st year', you can request for the files on your comment below. For those who missed the swing card templates, you can also request for the files. PLEASE do not forget to leave your e-mail address.