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Come and join me in my Creativity Zone where you can enjoy fun and challenging card design ideas that will inspire you to learn new techniques to maximize the use of your craft tools, most especially the Silhouette Cameo machine along with the Silhouette Studio Designer software, and truly enjoy your crafting to the fullest.

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Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Little Girl's Dress Card

Back to kiddie cards J. I’ve seen a lot of girl’s dress cards but I couldn’t find one that is shaped exactly the way I would want it to look so I created my own design and made the template in Studio from scratch. I’m still struggling with manipulating the nodes/points in the ‘Point Editing’ tool so this template turned out to be the most challenging yet. The most difficult part was perfecting the lines and curves of the collar to fit the neckline of the dress exactly.  I must have tweaked the collar and the neckline of the apron a thousand times before I was pleased with the outcome.  Ughhh, there goes Ms. Perfectionist again! My trash basket was full of rejected trial cuts before I got to the final dimensions and moved on to creating the actual card. And then there was always the struggle of color and material choices, what embellishments to use, the wordings for the sentiments, the font style and so on. You would think that I was designing a dress for a red carpet event, LOL!  You all can see in each and every card that I’ve created how much thought, time and effort were put into it. This little girl’s card turned out to be so much cuter than I expected. I can’t stop looking at it :).  Sooooo very happy!!! This card will be great for a little girl’s birthday, baby shower, to welcome a newborn, for christening, a party invitation, birth announcement, or just to cheer up a little girl.
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Monday, June 6, 2011

Hat Card

I got hooked on innovative shaped cards ever since I got my Silhouette machine. Here is another cute card in the shape of a lady’s hat that I designed in the Studio. I was looking at a card on the Splitcoast Stampers site which led me to the blog of Cathleen,,. I enjoyed viewing her cards! They are so beautiful and elegant. Her hat card caught my attention and I took interest in making the card right away as she had the template. But much to my disappointment, it was a hand drawn template and it was just impossible to trace it in Studio as the lines were not clean enough. I ended up creating the template in Studio from scratch. The card is really a very simple cut. I’m quite pleased with what I came up with. I thought it’s just cute and adorable.

 I designed a new bow by accident, LOL! I was trying to make something else but was struggling to keep its shape and ended up with this one. I just love it! I took a close up shot so you can figure it out. It's just a layer of four folds of ribbon then spread out. I stitched the bow to keep the folds in place.
I enjoy seeing other people’s work, most especially cards that were made from my free templates so please send me a photo of the cards that you have created.

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Update: here is another Hat Card.