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Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Cover For An Index Card Box

My friend, Benjie, requested me to make a cover for her index card box. She is a school teacher and she uses the box to store her index cards for her lesson plans and projects for her second grade students which they call the 'Item Bank'. She just told me about the box yesterday and I told her that I'm currently busy with multiple projects so I won't have the time to do the box till after about 3 weeks. Little does she know that I was so challenged with the design concept of the box that I immediately started on it as soon as I got home. I stayed up late and even missed my gym this morning just to finish the box. I enjoyed creating the cover design for my friend knowing how much she will appreciate and treasure the box.

I admire Benjie for her profession and not only is she a dedicated teacher, she truly enjoys her job and still has the same enthusiasm in all the 33 years that she has been teaching. She is, indeed, a remarkable teacher! These thoughts were my inspiration in creating this beautiful box and finishing it in one day. The box is a tribute to her dedication to her noble profession. It's truly a labor of love. I used a beautiful verse about teachers to embellish the interior of the box. I used all her favorite colors in the design.

I haven't told Benjie yet that the box is finished so she will be thrilled once she finds out.


  1. To tell you y\the truth. . . I didn't expect this this kind of beauty to unfold right nbefore my eyes. It really surprised me to see something so beauutiful. It is going to be a cherished possession of mine. What a wonderful creation. Just wow! Thanks a lot Gay!

  2. ate gay, ang ganda po ng gawa mo! god has given you very creative and talented hands! thank you for making my mother so happy with this creation! thank you for being her art angel! luv you po!

  3. gay, you should hold an exhibit of your work. you should share your works with more people so they can have the opportunity to see works that are sooooo beautiful. and more importantly, give me samples so i can always look at pretty things.

  4. Ninang Gay, it's wonderful! I can't imagine you designed and made it in one day! :D

  5. Nancy Abair

    Hi Gayle. I went to your blog, but again, my Google account doesn't have access or authority or something, so I can't make comment. The box is absolutely georgeous. You are so amazing!!!!

  6. Leila Geronimo

    Just finished reading your article on Roela—nicely written. The index card box is so beautiful.

  7. I love the "Item Bank"! It's so creative, festive, functional, and most importantly-super thoughtful. Definitely a piece to be treasured! I can't to see more, Tita Gay! Miss and love you!

  8. I love this, it is so well-crafted and beautiful. I want one myself. Hehehe!

  9. You are AMAZING!