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Monday, April 16, 2012

Camera Card

My dear goddaughter asked me the favor of making this card for her special friend for the 7th year that they have known each other. She wanted the perfect card for the occasion but couldn't find anything close to what she wants. I just couldn't say no when she asked me although I was a bit apprehensive as I don't really enjoy making cards for men and worse, I don't even know the guy. She mentioned that her friend is just crazy over a camera that he recently purchased and I thought of evolving my design  concept with the camera.

I created a JPEG file of the particular model of the camera from the Olympus website and printed the photos of the camera, front and back, and inserted an actual photo of the two of them on the camera display. I created a backing with a fold that I inserted between the front and back of the camera so that the camera can easily be flipped to show the back just as you would with a real camera. She gave me the exact wordings for the sentiment of the card which I put on a simple tag hanging on the front just like a price tag. The 'Picture Perfect' sentiment was my idea which was my original design to give more emphasis on their beautiful friendship.The camera alone was too plain so I added the corner borders, the simplest I can create. The biggest challenge in creating this card was how to make it simple and 'manly' without making it look boring which is always the difficulty in making cards for men. It's no fun making a card without all the frills and embellies that we all love to add.

I was actually very pleased with how the card turned out and more importantly, my goddaughter was extremely happy with the card. 


  1. What a great card, I bet the recipient loved it. Tinaxx

  2. Thank you very much for making the card. It's wonderful. The idea, which my creative mind wouldn't have think of in a millenia, is amazing. With much appreciation and thanks - the guy on the picture :)

  3. Hi Zaymon! You're welcome :). I'm really glad you like the card. Thanks for the post :).

  4. As promised!

    Ninang, I just can't stop saying thank you. :) I actually saw the blog last Thursday and got teary-eyed after reading it. I wasn't able to leave a comment with the fear of bursting into tears in public! You know how much I loved it, that "extremely happy" is an understatement. I dashed to drive to your place the moment you texted it's ready! I didn't fix my hair and I even left my license! It's that good! :D

    I've received a lot of cards from you, and each one is exceptional! But the appreciation for this one is way more, because I know you went out of your way to do it for me. I know how you hate doing cards for guys and how hard it is to do it for someone you don't personally know. That makes me a hundred times more touched, for taking the time and giving the effort. :)

    It's just amazing how you turned my blurry concept into something so perfect. All your cards are just wonderful, not only because of your innate creativity but because you put your heart into each one. :)

    I love you! :) I'll probably make it up by asking Mama to cook Bharta for you the next time you visit. :) Haha!

    Your goddaughter,


  5. Love the concept of thsi card - so creative. Also LOVE the fabulous decorative corners you made - will you share the cut file for them? If so, please send to - Thanks so much!!!!

  6. I would LOVE to have this card to make... if you are still willing to share it, would you kindly email it to me at I love it - and I am surrounded by only men! I totally understand your comment about making men's cards!