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Monday, April 16, 2012

I Chose The Silhouette Cameo!!!

I can't believe that my last post was last January! I've been getting some e-mail inquiring what I've been up to as I haven't had any activity on my blog for 3 months. I actually have not stopped creating cards, in fact, I've actually been keeping my Cameo quite busy as I've been enjoying it sooooo much! 

Yes, after the long struggle between the Zing and the Cameo, I ended up with the Cameo and I just love it! I just think that the Cameo cuts so much better than my replaced Silhouette SD. I'm still not giving up on the Zing though as I still want a stronger cutting force to be able to cut thicker materials. I simply chickened out while reading all the negative reviews about the Zing by the early owners late last year. I'm impressed by how Sandy and her group were handling the situation and how diligently they were addressing each and every issue. I've also heard about a lot of happy owners and like I said, I haven't given up on it yet :).

Before I purchased the Cameo, I made a research to make sure that my CB09 blade holder, otherwise known as the aluminum blade holder, which worked perfectly with the Silhouette SD, would also work just as well with the Cameo. I was told by a couple of Silhouette dealers that it does. And the GREAT NEWS is, I've tried it myself and it REALLY DOES work with the Cameo!!! Happy dance, happy dance, happy dance! I've been using my Cameo since November and have always used my CB09 blade holder with it. PLEASE NOTE that although I did have a problem with the ratchet blade that came with my Cameo, I was able to get a replacement for it immediately and I never had any problem with the replacement blade sent to me, in fact, I actually love the much improved Silhouette ratchet blade holder as it cuts just as well as my aluminium blade holder. It truly cuts like butter. I’m inclined to think that the kind of blade used in the Silhouette ratchet blade holder is just the same as the blades used for aluminum blade holder. The only reason why I opted to use the aluminium blade holder is because the blades are a fraction of the cost of the Silhouette blades and last longer. I reserve using my Silhouette ratchet blade for cutting 'sticker paper' which I use for labels. The setting of "1" is perfect for cutting the sheets and other very light paper. I don't want to bother adjusting the setting of my CB09 blade holder which I use for pretty much the same weight of card stock for my card making, from 180 gsm, mostly 220 gsm up to 230 gsm.

I've compiled all the information regarding the aluminum blade holder and will be writing a separate post detailing all the information. I know that this will be greatly appreciated by a lot of Silhouette SD and Cameo users who want to know more about alternative blades for one reason or another. I know that I promised this a long time ago but never got around into doing it until now. I'll just be posting some of the cards that I've been doing and then I will work on the aluminum blade holder post.

Hello everyone..... I'm definitely back :).

UPDATE: October 30, 2013

I completely forgot about this post, sorry! For those wondering about the CB09 blade holder, I did post a detailed report on this aluminum blade holder.

Wheeew, I can't believe that it has already been 2 years since I bought my beloved Silhouette Cameo. I can proudly tell you that I'm still loving it as much as I did two years ago, if not more :-). I'm really very happy with this machine. Just take a look at all the cards that I have created with it. And with my CB09 blade holder, my Cameo produces amazing clean and perfect cuts.

For my followers in the Philippines, you will be pleased to know that I do sell the Silhouette Cameo machine and its accessories along with other craft tools and machines like the Sizzix Big Shot machine, the Cuttlebug machine plus other craft supplies like cardstocks (solids and pattern), lots of dies by Spellbinders, Marianne Designs, and Quickutz, Martha Stewart punches and whole lot more. For inquiries, you can email me at ligayatg at yahoo dot com (no spaces) or just leave a comment on this post with your email address.

For the Silhouette owners in the Philippines, please join our Facebook group where you can enjoy valuable tips and information on the use of the different models of the Silhouette machine and its software, both the basic Silhouette Studio and the Silhouette Studio Designer Edition (SSDE).

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  1. Hi there Ms. Gayle! i was wondering, how much did it cost to ship the blades to the PI? Also, i am new at this and just purchased a Cameo. May I ask how you clean your mat? Thank you.

  2. I placed the order for the holder and blades from the ebay seller which you were kind enough to provide a link. I placed the order 8/31/13 and as of 10/05/13 it has yet to arrive. The seller asks for my patience and for me to wait an additional 45 more days. I am willing to wait as the cost of the CB09 blade holder and blades in the U.S. is ridiculously expensive, $138 for the holder alone. Just wanted all to know the wait time involved when ordering from China.

  3. Just want all who wish to order the CB09 holder and blades from the seller listed in this link, (provided by this wonderful Lady) that the wait time to receive the blade holder and blades is several months. I placed the order 8/31/13 and as of 10/05/13 the seller asks my patience and that I wait an additional 45 days. The cost is reasonable as the price in the U.S. to purchase the blade holder alone is $138. The seller from China offers the blade holder for $25. I'm hoping to receive the merchandise soon.