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Sunday, October 28, 2012

Silhouette Ratchet Blade - Yes, It Can Be Opened!

I'm so excited to share what I just discovered in our Facebook Silhouette users group-Brazil Silhoueteiras e Cia-BR ( The video was posted by my FB friend Adines Baratieri who found it on her German Silhouette users group.Thank you so much, Adines

The video demonstrates how easy it is to open the Silhouette ratchet blade to remove debris/fibers/lint/dirt that get stuck inside. The lady who created the video, Natalia, (from Germany) is a genius. The video is in German but anyone can easily understand it as she did an excellent job in showing the step by step instructions. Finally, the mystery on how to open this blade holder has been unlocked. Thank you so much, Natalia.

I strongly suggest using an old dull Silhouette ratchet blade in trying this initially until you get comfortable and used to it. 

It will be neat if someone can discover how to replace the blade. I'm inclined to believe that the blade used for the ratchet blade is the same blade used for the CB09/aluminum blade holder which cost only about $2.80 each. I did a comparison and it looks like the 45 degrees blade.

It is so amazing how we all get connected coming from the different parts of the world in sharing our passion for our beloved Silhouette Cameo (and Silhouette SD). 

BTW, I started following Natalia's blog and wrote her to ask if she can possibly redo the video in English. Let's see what her response will be.

UPDATED October 29, 2012

Nataliia Schneider was super nice to accommodate my request to recreate this video in English. What a very nice lady! Let's all show our appreciation and take the time to thank her on her blog. Please post a comment on her blog post: :

Here is the recreated English video tutorial:


  1. Thank you Gayle!!!!
    I'll look forward to the response from Natalia how she east, in English!

  2. Gayle,

    I bought my Silhouette Cameo last year and they were offering the unlimited for $19.99. I signed up for a year and will expire in December 2012. I have orig. Cricut, Expression, E2, Imagine and Gypsy but since I got my Silhouette Cameo, I barely use any of my Cricuts.

  3. Thank you Gayle!

    Certainly the video in English will make it much easier for all of us!

    Janaina Miranda

  4. Thank you Gayle for their initiative!
    It will help many people to unravel this mystery!

  5. Thank you Gayle for approaching Natalia about an English version of the video, so very thoughtful of you and very thoughtful of Natalia to translate for us.

  6. Thank you for the English was very did a great job

  7. Thanks for the English version of the video. It was very helpful and really appreciated.

  8. Thank you so much for sharing this with us. You make it look so easy!

  9. thank you thank you thank you...great video...thanks for the did great...

  10. This was awesome! Thank you soooo much!

  11. This is great!! Thank you so much for the English video!

  12. Thank you for the English! I appreciate it!!

  13. THANK YOU!! So awesome to see this can be done so easily! Great video and your English was superb!

  14. Hi, Gayle
    Thanks so much!! OMW!! Ok. I did try it. I had a Cameo Blade that was dull that I kept. I did the tutorial. Girl it cuts like butter. It is brand new blade just AWESOME!!!!

    Thanks so much for sharing. Love your work. Your inspiration is just FAB.


  15. hi sis gayle this is the exact vid i saw in youtube!! =) thank you for sharing still!! =)