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Come and join me in my Creativity Zone where you can enjoy fun and challenging card design ideas that will inspire you to learn new techniques to maximize the use of your craft tools, most especially the Silhouette Cameo machine along with the Silhouette Studio Designer software, and truly enjoy your crafting to the fullest.

All my files are shared for free, ONLY with my blog followers. The files are in Silhouette Studio format. They are for PERSONAL use only and must not be redistributed. You can share by directing people to the link of the project/post on my blog. Thank you for your compliance.

Monday, August 10, 2015

Elegant Note Pad Holder

I just finished getting caught up with all the birthday cards for family and friends all through the month of August and September and I can now take a breather planning for the next birthday cards. I was merely surfing the Pinterest without anything specific in mind but when I saw this beautiful note pad pinned from the Butternut Sage, I was immediately flooded with a lot of design ideas. I knew at a glance that I can easily create the template in the Silhouette Studio and I was even more inspired to start the project immediately as it has been a while since my blog followers enjoyed a really nice free file from me. So here it is, my dear followers, another great inspiration for a gift idea project. I've actually started mine for Christmas giveaways.
The free file is complete with all the layers, as seen on the black holder including the very neat foldable easel on the back of the holder. I created this easel and I've been using it in a variety of projects like cards and photo frames. The embellishments used on the front of the holder are all tags from different metal die sets that I have been collecting. The names of these dies will be indicated on the caption of the photos. The file was created in Silhouette Studio which I am sharing including the 'Just a note' with the flourish Print & Cut, this is for the cover of the note pad that you may want to include when you give this to your recipient. This can actually be personalized by adding the name of your recipient. The monogram font is a free download. See instructions on how to assemble the pocket of the holder below.

Another similar gift idea is the post-it-note holder and another one using a faux leather technique design that I created a couple of years ago. The free template file is also offered.

Blogging is not really my thing as it takes a lot of my time most especially the tedious task of taking photos showing the complete process and identifying all the items used in creating the project. With all the effort involved in craft blogging, the bloggers just want to be able to gain an audience and perhaps have their work appreciated somehow most especially when there are hard-worked template files shared for free. Bloggers extend their creativity in different ways on how to entice readers to take the time to leave some comments on their work. Bloggers work hard to make their blogs popular and needless to say, the popularity of a blog is measured by the number of the followers listed. We just want your following and comments to be counted. So please take the time to get your name listed if you're a new follower and leave a comment. And if you're already listed, please take the time to leave a comment to request for the free file. Please do not forget to indicate your email address so I can send you the requested free file. 

Happy crafting!



All my files are shared for free, ONLY with my blog followers. They are for PERSONAL use only and must not be redistributed. You can share by directing people to the link of the project/post on my blog. Thank you for your compliance.

The cover for the note pad - Print & Cut text and
flourish with 'stitched' outline

The back has a very stable easel stand.

 The back has a very stable easel stand which can be
laid flat for neat packaging

REJ's holder was made with the Spellbinders Valiant Honor die set

The name tag was made with the tag from the Valiant Honor,
the oval from the Elegant Ovals and the circle from the FAncy Framed Tags Two

Spellbinders Fancy Framed Tags Two and Spellbinders Elegant Ovals

All the diecuts from the free file

Spellbinders Labels Eight - Used for Leila's holder

Add caption

Spellbinders Labels Twenty - used for Leila's holder

Tag from Spellbinders Detailed Scallops - used for both
Leila and LTG's holders

Lala-land Filigree

Instructions For The Pocket:

The pocket is included in the free file, already scored. But it is actually so easy to do it manually with the use of a scoring board (I use the Martha Stewart).

1)  Cut a piece of cardstock:  4" high x 5 1/2" wide. The height will vary according to your  own design and embellishment. I made the pocket of REJ's holder shorter to show the beautiful detail of the Valiant Honor die which I glued on the front. I trimmed off the sides of the diecut to fit the front of the pocket.

2)  Score the left and right side (width) with 2 lines at 1/2" interval. Do exactly the same at the bottom. The finished pocket measures exactly 3" high x 3 1/2 wide.

3) Trim both sides towards the bottom, as shown on the photo below, to make the bottom tabs.
     Cut exactly on the scored lines.

4)  Glue the tabs and then the sides.

5)  Apply glue (I used double sided tape) on all the 3 sides and adhere to the back of the holder.

Friday, August 7, 2015

Spellbinders Grand Decorative Labels One Birthday Card

Things have been quite hectic and very stressful for me in the last 10 weeks having been preoccupied taking care of my other business. The only therapy that somehow helped me relax is letting myself float back in my creativity zone. I have not done much crafting since I finished my Christmas cards last November which made me miss it so much. And once I got the momentum back, I just went on a roll. I got so inspired creating the previous card, the Spellbinders Grand Labels One birthday card and went on to create another version of the framed card using the Decorative Elements of the Labels One. I created this beautiful distressed mono chromatic blue card for my nieces Malaya and Lualhati who both love the color blue. I also made another one for my friend Agnes. I'm so in love with manual die cutting now. I just love all these dies that I have collected and I can't stop staring at the beautiful diecuts with the perfect intricate cuts and exquisite embossed impression. The beautiful designs of the metal dies make it so easy and intuitive in creating a new card design.

For the base of the card, I used the Labels One die to create a two-fold hinged card, click here for the written instructions.

I used the same sentiment tag on the previous card so I did not include the details for this layer here.

Happy crafting!

Spellbinders Grand Labels One

Spellbinders Grand DECORATIVE Label One

Combination of 2 dies (skipped one size in between) for the framed
lattice laye

Combination dies form the Labels One set and
Decorative Labels One set for the top frame, used 3 layers
glued together to make the frame sturdy

Spellbinders Fancy Lattice - See photo instructions on the previous card for the
lattice layer of the card

Hinged card using the Labels One die for the base of the card

Hinged card using the Labels One die for the base of the card  

Hinged card using the Labels One die for the base of the card  

Sequence of the layers of the card
Spellbinders Ariana Blooms
Flower petals distressed with Tim Holtz Stormy Sky Distress Ink and
shaped with the McGill Paper Blossoms stylus set
Spellbinders Les Papillions Two

Impression Obsession Wheat

Spellbinders Corner Sprigs

Marianne Design Decorative Elegance

Spellbinders Floral Flourishes - used to embellish box cover

Marianne Design Tiny Flower - used to embellish box cover

Marianne Design Open Flower - used to embellish box cover

Spellbinders Fancy Framed Tags Two

Tim Holtz Stormy Sky Distress Ink

Spellbinders Grand Labels One die used to cut window of box cover