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Monday, July 8, 2013

Box For Monochromatic Embossed Card

I decided to make a simple box for the Monochromatic Embossed Card. It made the card look even more elegant. How I would love to receive a special boxed card like this from someone :-).

I used the same flourish (from the Silhouette store) that I used on the card. This is the full shape of the flourish. I cut the one I used on the card. I put my friend's name on the same tag used on the card. The font used is called Channel Slanted 1. I hate the perforation marks but I was rushing this to deliver it to my friend who is expecting me this afternoon. I would normally adjust the cut settings for the perforation lines so they won't create cut marks on the paper. I always group the perforation lines together to separate them from the box as I cut them separately from the box. Just as well that I have a distressed theme for the card, the distressing ink kinda covered the perforation marks.

BTW, I put a piece of acetate (transparency film) on the back side of the top of the box. I'm not sure if it can be seen on the photos. The piece is included in the file. I put a nice tissue paper under the card but took the photos before I did. I wrapped the box with a nice tissue sheet and made a ribbon with my favorite Bow Maker.

For those who want the box, just indicate your request in your comment.

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  1. I would love the file

  2. Oh, me!!!! I do, I do, Gayle!!!!!!!!
    Just a gorgeous box for a gorgeous card.

  3. Just stunning! What a beautiful finish for such a elegant card. Once again you have out done yourself!

  4. Love it! I just join your blog, you are so creative :) I really love to have the box template please:

  5. Love the box! Would appreciate the file for it and the card. Email is

  6. Gayle
    Thank you again for your help. Unfortunately no matter what I do it won't transfer nicely into a cutting file. That is OK because I will print it off and cut it by hand. So don't worry about it. When I have lots of time I will try and figure it out. :)
    Your box for the card is absolutely gorgeous and so elegant.
    It is so nice to have another blogging friend.

  7. Hi,

    I love the card and box, may I have the files for both the box and the card?

    I follow your blog by joining site, but I am wondering if I have to log in each time as following the joining site. It has me as

    My main email is


  8. I would love both the card and the box files. As always Beautiful job Gayle. Thanks

  9. Beautiful!!! Can't wait to receive the file so I can try and give it a shot. TFS!!!

  10. So cute!
    I love colours combo!

  11. Oh my beautiful is this! What a gorgeous gift set! I love it!
    Sherrie K

  12. Hi again, I must have replied to a different page since I can't see after having cataract surgery..
    i.e. glasses don't fit over shield ; )

    Would it be possible to get the card and this box, I love the elegance and simplicity of them.

    I follow you by email and I am a follower of your blog, but I am wondering if I have to sign into your blog as a follower every time I come here?

    Marda when I can remember the password ; )

  13. Hi Gayle
    Thanks again for a giving us all your files.
    I would love the great box you have made to match the last card


  14. Nice box you have made! Can I have the file please?

  15. I love this.
    Can't wait to get the card and box.
    Thanks ever so much!

  16. Very nice, I already requested the card file and I would love the box file, as well. Please tell me the name of the flourish you used so I can buy it from the Silhouette store. Thank You.

  17. Another great file I would love to have. Thanks again.

  18. I just love this. You did a great job. May I have the file. Thanks

  19. Lynn C. ( 10, 2013 at 8:43 AM

    Beautiful box, Gayle. I will look forward to receiving the file. Thanks so
    much for sharing.

  20. Great file yet again. Please may I have the card and box file Thank you

  21. i would like the file

  22. This is really lovely, just found your blog and loving the inspiration! I would love to have this file please Thank you!

  23. This box is certainly the finishing touch for such a beautiful card. May I have the file please.

  24. That is a beautiful card and the box is a great idea. I would love to have the file please.


  25. This box and card are really pretty, I would love to have the file, thanks for sharing.

  26. gostaria de ter o arquivo, obrigado por compartilhar

  27. oh i needed this box card! please send me the file at thank you so much for your generosity! god bless...

  28. Wow love this file as well, please send me the files and thank you for offering. email to
    Thanks, Lori!

  29. Your work is so brilliant. I would love this file please.

  30. Wow, another great tut. Please, can you send me the file? Thanks in advance :)

  31. I requested this file on the Monochrome card page but I want to be sure my request goes through - I think it is so cool to give a card in its own box! Thank you!